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The 5 Billion Dollars Meteorite Will Enter Earth Orbit Next Week, NASA Said

Washington: A Space Rock Larger Than The Eiffel Tower Will Enter Earth’s Orbit Next Week, The Us Space Agency NASA Said. According to NASA, the egg-shaped asteroid named 4660 Nereus is 1,082 feet long and will enter Earth orbit on Saturday, December 11 at a speed of 14,700 miles per hour. NASA said the expectation […]

Now Robots Will Also Take Classes

Paris: A Robot Has Been Developed In France That Will Now Take Classes At School. According to the foreign news agency, a robot has been developed in France which will replace the absent children from the class and will represent them in the class. The French-made robot has been dubbed Buddy, and France has decided […]

A Whole Herd Of 11 Dinosaurs Discovered In Italy

Rome, Italy: About eleven dinosaur fossils have been found from a single site in Italy, the largest and most important discovery ever made in the country. Dinosaur fossils have been found in a mountain range near the city of Trieste, including a large dinosaur structure. This dinosaur has been named ‘Bruno’ which is also the […]

Discovery Of A New Species Of Butterfly In India

A new species of butterfly has been discovered in the Indian state of Sikkim, with golden yellow and chocolate-colored edges. Sonam Wangchak, a local resident, named Lepcha, is keen on adventure. And to fulfill this passion, she was looking at butterflies in the nearby green area and taking pictures of them. Meanwhile, a butterfly appeared […]

A Clawed Drone Capable Of Perched On A Tree Branch

Stanford: Scientists Have Developed A Robot-like Object That Can Be Attached To Any Drone. In This Way The Drone Can Land On An Uneven Place, Grab Objects And Grab A Tree Branch With Its Claws And Sit On It. Scientists at Stanford University have developed it after being inspired by peregrine diabetes. Interestingly, its claws […]

Facebook Decides To Make 2-factor Authentication Mandatory For At-risk Users

Facebook Has Decided To Expand Its Security Program To Protect Users Whose Accounts Are At High Risk Of Being Hacked. Meta’s social media network has updated its Protect program to provide additional security features for human rights activists, politicians, journalists and other vulnerable users. During a press briefing, the company announced that users involved in […]

This Dinosaur Used Its Tail As A Weapon

San Diego: A Global Team Of Scientists Has Discovered The Remains Of A Dinosaur That Used Its Tail As A Weapon And Defended Itself From Enemies And Invaders. The fossils of this dinosaur are almost 80% complete, which were discovered in 2018 in the far south of Chile. This area is very close to Antarctica […]

Flexible And Strong ‘super Jelly’ Was Developed

Cambridge: Scientists At The University Of Cambridge Have Developed A Lightweight ‘hydrogel’ That Is As Soft And Flexible As A Jelly, But Also So Strong That It Doesn’t Matter If A Heavy Vehicle Is Passed Over It. Would Have As soon as a heavy object passes and its pressure starts to increase, it immediately changes […]

This Camera Can Take As Many Color Photos As A Grain Of Salt

Harvard: Engineers At The University Of Washington And Princeton University Have Developed The World’s Smallest Camera, Which Can Capture Very Clear Color Images. It Is Made Up Of A Light-absorbing Metasurface, Each Part Of Which Absorbs Light And Can Be Further Improved. It looks like a transparent panel of glass with a white object in […]