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The United States Has Spent 14 Trillion Dollars On Wars In 20 Years, Much To The Benefit Of Contractors, The Report Said

Washington – The Us Military Has Spent 14 Trillion Dollars During The Two-decade-long War In Afghanistan And The Middle East, Enriching Arms Manufacturers, Dealers And Contractors. According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, the Pentagon’s spending has risen to 1.4  trillion since September 11, 2001, with outsourcing of resources available to the […]

Pakistan Has One Of The Highest Rates Of Diabetes In The World, The Report Said

Karachi: The World Diabetes Organization (IDF) Has Stated In Its Latest Comprehensive Report “Diabetes Atlas” That The Rate Of Diabetes In Pakistan As A Proportion Of The Population Is 30.8% Which Is The Highest In The World. It should be noted that this rate has been calculated on the basis of adult population in Pakistan […]

In 2020, 12,000 Indian Students Committed Suicide, The Report Said

New Delhi: Corona-affected Year 2020 Was The Worst Year For Indian Student Suicides In Which 12,000 Students Committed Suicide. According to Indian media, this is a ratio of 34 students per day in the country and more than one student in each state committed suicide. According to Indian officials, the number of student suicides increased […]

The Use Of Facebook Has Negatively Affected Millions Of Users, The Report Said

One In Eight Facebook Users Believes That Using This Social Media App Has Had A Detrimental Effect On Their Sleep, Work, Relationships And Relationships With Children. A Wall Street Journal report made the claim based on the results of an alleged internal Facebook survey. Researchers at Facebook estimate that 12.5 percent of the app’s more […]

Russia Is Involved In 58% Of State-sponsored Hacking Attacks, The Report Said

Last Year, Most State-sponsored Hacking Involved Russians, Targeting Government Agencies And Think Tanks In The United States, Ukraine, Britain And European NATO Countries. According to the report, this was said by Microsoft which detected these hackings. The devastating effects of the long-unknown Solar Winds hack have primarily damaged the information technology business, including Microsoft. This […]

In France, 216,000 Children Were Sexually Abused By Priests, The Report Said

Paris: The Commission Of Inquiry Set Up To Investigate Child Sexual Abuse Cases In Catholic Churches In France Has Revealed In Its Report That 216,000 Children Have Been Sexually Abused Since 1950. According to the International News Agency, the Catholic Church, which has been criticized for sexual harassment for 20 years, has suffered another major […]

The Corona Virus Has Killed More Than 4.9 Million People In India, The Report Said

Washington / New Delhi: The Center For Global Development (CGDO) Has Revealed In Its Latest Report That The Total Number Of Deaths Due To Corona Virus In India Could Be 4.9 Million Or More. That Is More Than 12 Times The Official Figure. The report was compiled by the CGD, a global human development agency […]

Extremists Are Using The Global Epidemic To Spread Chaos In Societies, The Report Said

The Hague: Violent Extremists Continue To Misuse The Global Epidemic Corona Virus To Spread Chaos, Hate Propaganda And Mistrust In Government Institutions. According to the report, this warning was issued in a report of Europol. The European Policy Institute said that since the beginning of 2020, when the corona virus has gripped the world, intolerance […]