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In Karachi, Underage Tik Tokers Killed A Citizen For Adventure

Karachi: Underage Tik Tokers Killed A Citizen For Adventure In Malir City. Another citizen was killed in Malir City a few days ago when a man was shot dead while the accused have been arrested. CCTV footage of the incident came to light in which 4 accused riding on 2 motorcycles were seen firing. Police […]

Tik Tok Threat Of Terrorist Attack, Schools Closed In Several Us States

An Immediate Investigation Has Been Launched Into Bombings In US Schools. School closures and security have been beefed up in various states of the United States. The tik tok video says that those who love their lives should not go to school on Friday. Schools in California, Minnesota, Texas and Missouri will remain closed today, […]

PTA Resumes Tik Tok

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) Restores Tik Tok Services. According to a statement issued in this regard, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has restored tik tok services on the assurance of a platform to control unethical content. The PTA was in constant touch with the management of Tik Tok for the maintenance of Tik Tok. The […]

Tik Tok Introduced The Voices Of Disney Characters

Beijing: Tik Tolk Is Expected To Reach 1.5 Billion Dollars By 2022, But The Real News Is That The App Has Introduced The Voices Of Disney’s Famous Men And Women As A Text-to-speech Feature. Have Done A formal agreement has also been reached between Disney and TikTok in this regard. Here you can listen to […]

Introducing 2 Features Similar To Tik Tok In Instagram Reels

Instagram Recently Introduced Short Videos Called Feature Rails To Attract Tik Tok Users. Now 2 new features are being added for Instagram Reels which are already very popular in Tik Tok. The photo-sharing app, owned by Meta (Facebook’s new name), hopes that those who are reluctant to use Rails due to the unavailability of these […]

The Number Of Tik Tok Users Has Reached One Billion Every Month

The Number Of Users Of The Popular Video Sharing Application Tik Tok Has Reached More Than One Billion On A Monthly Basis. The international platform for creating and sharing short videos has achieved global milestones by building a global tik-tok community of over one billion people. A statement issued by Tik Tok on the occasion […]

No More Than 40 Minutes Of Tik Tok

Steps Are Being Taken To Prevent Children From Spending All Their Time On The Internet And Ticking. A Limited Time Has Been Set For Ticking In China. Byte Dance, a Chinese tick-making company, has announced new rules for children under the age of 14. Under the Divine app, children will be able to use Tik […]

Tik Tok Will Now Work For The Mental Health Of Consumers

Tik Tok Has Announced A Set Of Features To Help Consumers Fight Mental Health Issues And Suicidal Thoughts. There has also been a change in the features of the search feature, which will provide mental health resources to users searching for a word like suicide. The announcement of these features by Tik Tak comes at […]

Tik Tok Left Youtube Behind

The Social Media Video Sharing App Tik Tok Has Overtaken Youtube In The US And UK. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the research of the app monitoring firm has revealed that app users in the United States and the United Kingdom are spending more time on tick talk than on YouTube. Monitoring firm […]

Tik Tok Banned The ‘milk Crate Challenge’

Social Media Video-sharing Website Tik Tok Has Banned The “Milk Crete Challenge” As Dangerous. There are many challenges trending in the popular app all over the world and users are not afraid to do dangerous stunts to fulfill them. Currently, the trend of crossing plastic crates is becoming popular, which has caused serious injuries to […]