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A Bomb Blast Near The Syrian Border Has Killed At Least Three Turkish Soldiers

Ankara: A Bomb Blast On The Syrian-turkish Border Has Killed Three Turkish Military Personnel. According to the International News Agency, a car bomb had exploded at a Turkish military base in the town of Aqcha Qala on the Syrian-Turkish border, killing at least three soldiers and wounding two others. The dead and injured have been […]

Operation Of Kabul Airport, Turkey Bets

Turkey’s condition regarding the Kabul airport operation is that the Taliban form a comprehensive government before an agreement is reached. This position of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to the fore in an interview given to the American channel on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. The Turkish president said that the government […]

Turkey To Buy More S-400 Missile Systems Despite US Pressure

Ankara: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan Has Reiterated His Commitment To Buy More S400 Missile Defense Systems From Russia Despite Us Pressure And Objections. According to the World News Agency, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview that Turkey will not take dictation from anyone in its decisions regarding its defense system and will not […]

Afghanistan Needs International Aid And Solidarity, President Erdoan Said

New York: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan Has Said That Afghanistan Has Been Left Alone For The Last 40 Years. He Stressed That Afghanistan Needs International Assistance And Solidarity. According to the news Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan addressed the UN General Assembly and said that Turkey stands with Afghanistan and its people. He made […]

Three Soldiers Were Killed And Three Others Were Injured In An Attack On Turkish Troops In Syria

Idlib: Armed Men Attacked Turkish Troops During A Search Operation In Idlib, The Last Stronghold Of Isis In Syria, As A Result Of Which 3 Soldiers Were Killed And 3 Were Seriously Injured. According to the International News Agency, the Turkish Ministry of Defense has confirmed that Turkish troops have been attacked in Syria. The […]

Good News For Pakistanis: The Most Important Country Lifted The Ban

Islamabad: The Good News For Pakistanis Is That Those Who Want To Go To Turkey Will Not Have To Quarantine Once They Reach There. According to the news, Turkey has lifted the quarantine ban on passengers leaving Pakistan. In this regard, Hum News has informed the responsible sources that the ban on quarantine imposed on […]

Dangerous Swing Ride Killed The Girl

A 19-year-old Girl Died Of Suffocation And Vomiting While Riding At The Kamikaze Fair Ground In Turkey. The girl fainted while riding a kamikaze swing in an amusement park in Istanbul and suffocated when she vomited. The parents claimed that they saw the girl in a bad condition and kept asking her to stop the […]

Kabul Airport: No Decision Yet On Taliban’s Request For Security, Turkish President

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Has Said That The Taliban Had Requested For An Operation At Kabul Airport, But Due To Security Concerns, A Final Decision On The Taliban’s Request Has Not Been Made Yet. The Turkish president said that the Taliban had assured security in Kabul and talks were underway with the Taliban regarding […]

Turkey Begins Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan

Turkey Has Begun Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan. According to foreign media reports, Turkey has started withdrawing its troops from Kabul airport. Turkey will complete the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by August 31. Earlier, Turkey announced that it would take over Kabul Airport after the US withdrawal. The Taliban also asked Turkey to withdraw its […]

Floods Wreak Havoc In Turkey, Killing 17

Istanbul: Floods In Turkey’s Coastal Provinces Have Wreaked Havoc. The Floods Killed 17 People And Destroyed Several Houses And Bridges. According to Al Jazeera, floods in Turkey’s coastal provinces of Bartin, Castamono, Sinop and Samsun have killed at least 17 people and destroyed several homes and bridges. The floods have caused water to accumulate on […]