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Secret US-israeli Talks: Consideration On Plan B On Iran

Washington: The United States And Israel Have Not Only Begun Consultations On Plan B With Regard To Iran, But Have Also Focused On It. News quoted the leading Israeli newspaper, the Times of Israel, as saying that a special meeting of key US and Israeli national security officials had been held to discuss whether Iran […]

Bilawal Bhutto Leaves For US On Emergency Visit

Karachi: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Has Left For The United States On An Emergency Visit. He Will Stay In The United States For A Week. News has reported from responsible sources that the chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party has suddenly left for a visit to the United States. According to sources, […]

US Approves 1 Billion Dollars For Israeli Iron Dome Missile System

Washington – The US House Of Representatives Has Approved 1 Billion Dollars For Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System. The US House of Representatives has approved a controversial bill to provide 1 billion Dollars in funding to modernize Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. With 420 members of the US House of Representatives voting in […]

Gone Are The Days Of War, Now Is The Time Of Diplomacy, Joe Biden

Washington: US President Joe Biden Has Said That The Era Of War Is Over And Now Is The Era Of Diplomacy. Addressing the UN General Assembly, US President Joe Biden said the end of the war in Afghanistan had ushered in a new era of diplomacy. The US president called on the Taliban for comprehensive […]

Sino-US Cold War: Different And More Dangerous Than Past, UN

New York: UN Secretary-general Antonio Guterres Has Warned Of A Possible New Cold War Between The United States And China, Urging The Two Countries To Resolve Their Dysfunctional Relations On Their Own. In an exclusive interview with the World News Agency, the UN Secretary-General warned that China and the United States should mend fences before […]

The US State Department Is In Constant Touch With Pakistan On The Issue Of Afghanistan

The United States withdrew from Afghanistan after a long 20-year war, after which the situation in the region is rapidly changing, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said, adding that they are in constant touch with Pakistan on the issue of Afghanistan. Ned Price spoke in detail during a press briefing in which he said […]

The First Draft Of The 9/11 Attacks Investigation Is Released

Washington: The US FBI Has Released The First Draft Of Its Investigation Into The 9/11 Attacks. According to the foreign news agency, the first draft of the FBI investigation consists of 16 pages. It said the draft did not find any evidence of links to the Saudi government’s hijackers. The Saudi embassy in the United […]

The US Military Intervention Has Resulted In Nothing But Casualties, Putin Said

Russian President Vladimir Putin Has Said That The US Military Intervention In Afghanistan Has Resulted In Nothing But Casualties. According to a report by a foreign news agency, the US military has been present in Afghanistan for 20 years, the US military tried to apply its values ​​to the war-torn country. He said that despite […]

The Cowardly Afghan Army Is Responsible For The Humiliating Withdrawal, President Joe Biden Said

Washington: US President Joe Biden Has Officially Announced The End Of The Afghan War, Saying He Does Not Want To Throw The New Generation Into Any War. During a media briefing in Washington, Biden said, “We have succeeded in everything we intended to do in Afghanistan a decade ago.” And then we stayed there for […]

Afghanistan: US And Australian Troops To Investigate War Crimes, China

New York: China Has Demanded An Investigation Into War Crimes Committed By US And Australian Troops. The Demand Was Made By China’s Deputy Special Representative To The United Nations In A Statement Issued On Afghanistan. According to the news, Gang Shuang, China’s Deputy Special Representative to the United Nations, has said that the current uncertain […]