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90% Of US Troops Have Returned From Afghanistan, The Pentagon Said

Washington: The Pentagon Says The Withdrawal Of US Troops From Afghanistan Is 90 Percent Complete After Seven Military Bases Were Formally Handed Over To The Kabul Government. According to the International News Agency, the Pentagon has said that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is underway in phases. So far, military equipment has been […]

The Taliban Seized Heavy Weapons, Including 715 US Military Vehicles

Kabul: The American Magazine Forbes Has Revealed That The Taliban Snatched Us Military Vehicles, Weapons And Ammunition From Afghan Security Forces In June Alone. Leading US trade magazine Forbes has revealed in a report that the Taliban seized 715 US war vehicles in June last year and shared videos of these vehicles on social media. […]

Dozens Killed In US, Canada Heatwave

Vancouver: Western Canada And The Northwestern United States Are In The Grip Of Record-breaking Heat These Days, With The Worst Heatwaves Killing Dozens. At least 134 people have died suddenly in the Vancouver area since Friday, according to Canadian police, according to AFP. Doctors in the northwestern city of Seattle have confirmed the arrival of […]

Firing In The Us State Of Texas

At Least 14 People Have Been Injured In A Shooting By Gunmen In The Us State Of Texas. According to the foreign news agency, two gunmen opened fire on each other in the busy city of Austin, Texas. Fourteen people were injured in the exchange of fire. Austin’s interim police chief, Joseph Chikon, told a […]

American Arrested For Illegally Entering Pakistan From Iran

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Arrested A US Citizen Who Came To Pakistan Illegally From Iran From A Five Star Hotel In Karachi. The FIA ​​Anti-Human Trafficking Circle arrested a US citizen during an operation in Karachi on Saturday, June 12. An American citizen entered Pakistan from Iran without travel documents. The suspect is an […]

A Secret US Report On Flying Saucers Has Come To Light

Washington Dc: The US Media Has Released Some Parts Of The New Secret Report About Flying Saucers And Space Creatures. The report, compiled by US intelligence agencies in collaboration with various agencies, will be presented to the US Congress by the end of this month (June 2021). The New York Times and the Washington Post […]

No Evidence Found About Space Creatures And Their Aerial Technology, US Intelligence

US Intelligence Officials Say They Have Found No Evidence Of Space Creatures Or Their Aerial Technology. According to a report by a foreign news agency, in recent years, all such incidents in which a spacecraft was reported, which could not be contacted and no knowledge of its identity and structure, it appears to be a […]

US Uses Danish Internet Cable To Spy On Angela Merkel

Copenhagen: France Has Warned That It Would Be “Extremely Serious” If The United States Confirmed The Spying Of European Allies Using Danish Submarine Cable. At the same time, the question arises as to whether Denmark knows what the United States is doing. According to a report published in the Dawn newspaper, in an investigative report, […]

US: Bill To Investigate Capitol Hill Attack Rejected

The Two Parties Jointly Introduced A Bill To Establish An Independent Commission To Investigate The Attack On Capitol Hill. However, A Majority Of Pro-trump Republicans Opposed It. Republicans in the U.S. Senate on Friday rejected a bill calling for the creation of an independent commission to investigate the deadly attack on the U.S. House of […]

Withdrawal From Afghanistan Could Pose Serious Counter-terrorism Threats: General Mackenzie

  A Senior US General Has Said That After The Withdrawal Of US Troops From Afghanistan, Dealing With The Growing Terrorism Or Any New Incident There Or Dealing With The Threat Of Terrorism Will Be A Trying Phase. He Made The Warning While Briefing Us Lawmakers On Tuesday. The Head Of The Us Central Command, […]