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China Threatens US With “Serious Consequences” Over “Interference” In Taiwan

Beijing: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Has Warned That The United States Could Pay An “Unbearable Price” For Its Actions In Taiwan. According to foreign news agency Reuters, China has democratically declared Taiwan as its territory, while in the past two years it has stepped up military and diplomatic pressure to assert its sovereignty, leading […]

Former US Ambassador’s Shocking Revelation About Saddam Hussein’s Trial

Moscow – Former US Ambassador To Iraq Robert Ford Has Said The Trial Of Saddam Hussein Was Rife With Irregularities. According to the International News Agency, the former US ambassador told the Russian state news agency Sputnik in an interview that there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein’s case was incomplete in many respects. Some […]

US Announces Lifting Of Travel Bans On African Countries

US President Joe Biden Has Announced The Lifting Of Travel Bans On African Countries. President Joe Biden has said that travel bans from all African countries will be lifted on Friday, and that there is no need to extend travel bans to protect public health. It should be noted that many countries, including the United […]

Made The American President Stupid

Washington: A Live Caller At The White House On Christmas Eve Fooled The US President. According to the foreign news agency, US President Joe Biden was talking to the people on a live call with his first lady on the eve of Christmas when during a video call, the father of the children said to […]

Even The US Vice President Is Not Safe From Racial Discrimination In His Country

Washington: US Vice President Kamala Harris Has Complained That The Media Would Have Behaved Differently If I Had Been White. According to the World News Agency, US Vice President Kamala Harris complained about the discrimination by the media and said that the treatment meted out to her in the media coverage was the result of […]

Xinjiang Bans Imports: US Law Declares Economic Bullying

China’s Ministry Of Commerce Has Expressed “Strong Dissatisfaction And Strong Opposition” To The Us Ban On Imports From The Xinjiang Region. According to the foreign news agency Al Jazeera, China’s state-run Xinhua news agency reported on Friday that the ministry called the US action “economic bullying.” US President Joe Biden signed the “Prevention of Uighur […]

Russia’s Aggression Against UKraine Will Have Serious Consequences, US Warns

Washington – The United States Has Warned Russia To Refrain From Deploying More Troops Along UKraine’s Border. A US State Department spokesman warned the foreign news agency that Russia would refrain from any aggression on the Ukrainian border. The spokesman said that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine would have serious consequences, which would cost the world […]

US Announces Lifting Of Sanctions To Help Afghan People

The US Government Has Announced That It Will Lift Sanctions On Aid To The Afghan People. The US Treasury Department announced on Wednesday that it was lifting sanctions on some humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, easing sanctions on the country due to the country’s severe economic crisis. The Treasury Department has issued three new general licenses […]

The Pentagon Says US Troops Are Involved In Extremist Activities

A Pentagon Spokesman Said About 100 US Troops Had Been Involved In Extremist Activities In The Past Year. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the survey found that about 100 serving or reserve military personnel had participated in banned extremist activities in the past year. However, the spokesman did not specify what kind of activities he […]

In Germany, A Speeding Truck Rammed Into A U.S. Military Convoy

Berlin: A Speeding Truck Collided With An American Convoy In Germany, Destroying Three American Vehicles And Transporting More Than Eight Personnel To Hospital. According to the International News Agency, a speeding truck rammed into a US military convoy on the Super Highway in the German state of Bavaria. The truck crashed, destroying three U.S. military […]