Taliban Leadership Visits Mullah Omar’s Grave

Kabul: The Top Leadership Of The Afghan Taliban Has Visited The Grave Of Founder Mullah Omar And Offered Fateha. It Is Likely That The Taliban Leadership Attended The Three-day Meeting Of The Shura.

The photo circulating on a social networking site was said to be from the Afghan province of Zabul, where a senior Taliban leader had visited the tomb of founder Mullah Omar.

In this regard, it has also been said that the Taliban convoy that went to visit the grave of the founder Mullah Omar was led by the current Amir Mullah Hebatullah Akhonzada.

In this regard, Taliban leader Abdul Hameed Hamasi has confirmed that the top leadership of the Taliban has gone to the grave of Mullah Omar, but he has not said anything regarding the circulating picture.

A three-day meeting of the Afghan Taliban’s top leadership council has recently concluded, chaired by Taliban leader Mullah Hebatullah Akhonzada. The meeting has taken the most important decisions regarding governance.

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