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Microsoft Announces Closure Of Linkedin In China

Computer Technology Company Microsoft Has Announced The Closure Of Its Professional Microblogging Website Linkedin In The World’s Largest Chain. The US company has confirmed in a blog post that it will shut down its social networking site in China by the end of this year, according to AFP. According to Microsoft, LinkedIn will be shut […]

Robot Dog Equipped With Sniper Rifle

Washington: A Robot Dog Has Been Equipped With A Sniper Rifle In The United States. According to the foreign news agency, a Philadelphia company has fitted a 6.5 mm gun on the back of a four-legged robot. The robotic dog was introduced at a trade show in the United States. Dog robot guns can automatically […]

Preparing To Remove Your Favorite Option On WhatsApp

Whether It’s Texting Someone, Sending A Video Or Sharing Your Favorite Photos, The Most Popular Platform Is The WhatsApp. WhatsApp keeps introducing new features every day but this time a feature is being prepared to be eliminated which is your favorite. WhatsApp is thinking of removing the unlimited storage option in Google Drive and giving […]

Apple Will Use The Latest Health Technology In New Headphones

Apple is working to update its phones as well as headphones with new technology. The company has decided to equip headphones with several medical facilities. Future headphones will also check body temperature. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is also developing a prototype for AirPods that records the user’s body temperature inside the ear. […]

SnapChat Service Resumed After A Few Hours Of Shutdown

Social Sharing Application SnapChat Service Was Restored In Different Countries Including Pakistan After A Few Hours Of Shutdown. According to The Verge, the SnapChat service was affected for a few hours last night, leading to complaints from users about the use of Snapstrikes. In a tweet, SnapChat support said: “We are aware that SnapChatters is […]

The Largest 3D Map Of The Universe Was Presented To The Public

Geneva: Scientists In Switzerland Have Unveiled The World’s Largest 3D Map Of The Universe To The Public, Allowing You To Travel From Home To The International Space Station, The Moon And The Planets Of The Solar System To Distant Galaxies Such As You Are There Yourself. The Virtual Reality Universe Project (VIRUP) is an open […]

Didn’t Facebook’s New Notification Bother You?

Have You Received A New Notification On Facebook Asking You To Disable A Certain Setting By October 15, 2021 And Warning To Lock Your Account If You Do Not Do So? In fact, this notification has been sent to almost all Facebook users who have a large number of friends and followers and they have […]

Instagram’s Decision To Notify Its Users About The Closure Of Its Service

A Few Days Ago, Millions Of Internet Users Around The World Turned To Twitter And Complained That Facebook Services, Including Instagram And Whatsapp, Were Not Working. Now, in view of the innumerable stories and complaints of people about this glitch in Facebook services, the social media network has decided that it will inform you about […]

Introducing A Soft Blocking Feature To Twitter Users

Twitter Has Introduced A New Feature For Managing Follower Lists For Users. This new feature allows you to remove people from your followers list. The trial of this feature has been going on for a month and now it has been introduced which has been named as Soft Block. This means that people who are […]

New Technical Glitch Instagram Feature

Users Face Many Difficulties After Instagram Goes Down, So A New Feature Is Being Tested On Instagram. This feature will be able to notify users in a timely manner in case of any technical glitch or shutdown. Which was announced by Instagram itself. An announcement from Instagram states that a new feature is being tested […]