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Youtuber Earning 800 Dollars A Month In Cryptocurrencies From Tesla

California: Elon Musk’s Popular Tesla Model 3 Car Is Said To Be Fully Automated, Driverless, But An American Youtuber Has Started Making As Much As 800 Dollars A Month In Cryptocurrency From The Same Car. Siraj Rawal is an American software engineer, data scientist and YouTuber who provides services to various organizations through his small […]

A Small Crab With Big Eyes

Colombia: An Ancient And Extinct Crab Has Been Discovered To Have Extraordinarily Large Eyes, Which May Have Enabled It To See Far And Easily Hunt. Fossils of this crab were discovered in 2019 from separate locations in the US states of Columbia and Wyoming, and analysis showed that they are approximately 95 million years old. […]

After Discovering The First Pregnant Mummy, Experts Admitted The Mistake

Cairo: Archaeologists Have Admitted Their Mistake After Discovering The Embalmed Body Of A Pregnant Woman Recently Recovered From Egypt. According to a report by the French news agency, a team investigating the pharaohs’ graveyard in Egypt discovered a mummy in December last year. Experts thought the mummy may have been a man, but when the […]

These Headphones Can Be Controlled Only By Your Thinking

Las Vegas: American Startup Company Wisear Has Invented Tiny Headphones (Airbuds) That Just Think Is Enough To Control Them Because They Read The Brain Waves And Obey Orders. With these headphones, you can convert songs into connected digital audio player and increase or decrease the volume of songs with the power of your thinking. To […]

Automatic Driving Tractor Developed

Farming Equipment Manufacturer John Dairy Has Introduced A Tractor With Automatic Driving Capability That Farmers Will Be Able To Control Via A Smartphone While Working 24 Hours A Day. The company unveiled the 8R tractor at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas. This tractor has been tested by a few farmers in USA since 2019 […]

Terrible Hurricanes Could Wreak Havoc Around The World, Experts Say

Connecticut: A Global Team Of Environmentalists Has Warned That In The Current Century, Not Only Will The Number And Intensity Of Severe Hurricanes (Hurricanes And Typhoons) Increase Annually, But They Will Reach Most Parts Of The World And Wreak Havoc. The study, published in the latest issue of the research journal Nature Geoscience, examines the […]

Twitter Introduces Tik Tok Style Feature

San Francisco: Social Networking And Microblogging Platform Twitter Has Launched A Tik Tok Video Reaction Feature. Twitter has introduced this feature on a trial basis only for users with the iOS operating system, which will allow them to create videos while responding to any image, video or tweet. According to the company, when a user […]

A Unique Chameleon-like Color-changing Concept Vehicle

You May Have Seen A Lot Of Cars, But Not Like The BMW That Has The Ability To Change Color Like A Chameleon. Yes, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, BMW unveiled the concept car called the IX Flow. Electrophoretic technology in e-ink has been used for this vehicle. With the help […]

Exhibition Of Human-like Robots In The United States

Humanoid Robots Were On Display At The Consumer Electronics Show In Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. According to AFP, Morgan Rowe, director of the British Engineering Arts, said that the robots named Amika have been made to resemble humans as much as possible. “We keep seeing in the movies how robots have blended into humans,” he […]

Russia And China Will Jointly Build A Station On The Moon

Moscow / Beijing: China’s Space Research Organization (CNSA) Plans To Build A Joint Space Base On The Moon In Cooperation With Russia. The space station, also known as the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS), will be the most complex and sophisticated project in human history on the moon to be built by 2027 near the […]