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The First Test Of A Humanoid Flying Robot Is Expected Soon

Rome, Italy: You May Have Seen The Humanoid Robot That Walks On The Floor. Now Scientists Have Started Working On A Humanoid Robot That Can Fly In The Air Like Superman. According to the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), a human-sized robot can be controlled during flight, but it will need to understand the entire […]

Russia Fines Google 98 Million Dollars For Content Violations

Russia has fined Google 98 million Dollars for content violations. According to the report, a Russian court has imposed a 98 million Dollars fine on Google for violating the country’s rules. Google says the content was not specified by Russia, and will look into court documents to decide what to do next. Russian authorities have […]

Tik Tok Started Considering The ‘repost’ Option For Videos

Beijing: An Interesting Piece Of News Has Come Out That Tik Tok Has Also Started Testing The ‘repost’ Feature Like Retweets. The Goal Is To Spread The Word About The Video Clips So That Better Content Can Be Presented To The Followers. In this regard, one user has also submitted a screenshot of the re-post […]

The Area Of Himalayan Glaciers Has Decreased By 8,400 Square Kilometers!

London: Scientists At The University Of Leeds, UK, Say The Himalayan Glaciers Are Melting At An Unusually Fast Rate And Their Area Has Shrunk By 8,400 Square Kilometers In Just A Few Decades. In a study published in the latest issue of the online research journal ‘Scientific Reports’, Dr. Jonathan Kerrywick and his colleagues fear […]

Tik Tok Toe Beat Google To Number One

Yingling / California: Tik Tok Has Beaten Google To Become The Most Visited Website In The World. It should be noted that Tik Tok is a Chinese social media platform where users create all kinds of content in the form of short videos and present them to the world. The TikTok app is designed for […]

Rapid Production Of Killer Robots Threatens Human Survival

Competition Between Russia, The United States And China Over The Production Of Killer Robots Has Become A Serious Threat To Mankind. Experts Around The World Have Expressed Concern About This. According to the New York Post, the warning of the extinction of human beings has been issued at a time when the United Nations has […]

A Thread-like Battery That Can Be Made As Long As A Kilometer

Boston: Future Batteries Will Be The Future, According To Technology Analysts. In This Regard, Experts From The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) Have Developed A Thread-like Battery That Is 140 Meters Long And Has Been Successfully Tested. Earlier, They Made A 20-meter Long Thread Battery. Computers and electronic devices have become such a part of […]

Discovery Of Dinosaur Fossils In 66 Million Year Old Eggs

A 66-million-year-old Dinosaur Fossil Has Been Discovered In The Chinese City Of Ganzhou That Was Ready For Hatching. Experts say the discovery gave them an opportunity to learn more about the relationship between dinosaurs and today’s birds, a fossil that is seen in birds before they hatch. This is a toothless theropod, named Baby Yingliang. […]

Two Of The World’s Largest Shipbuilders Demand Postponement Of 5G Phone Service

The World’s Two Largest Shipbuilders Have Demanded That The United States Suspend The 5G Phone Service. According to a report by a foreign news agency, a letter from Boeing and Airbus told the US government that the new technology would have a “very negative impact” on the aviation industry and could affect aircraft security. Therefore, […]

IBM And Samsung Have Developed ‘multi-storey’ Microprocessors

Silicon Valley: IBM Of The United States And Samsung Of South Korea Have Jointly Announced That They Have Designed A ‘multi-storey’ Microprocessor With 50 Billion Transistors In The Same Space As A Human Nail. This is the latest technology in the world of microprocessors, which has three key features that are not present in any […]