The 30 Dollars Lottery Turned Into A Millionaire

Washington: A Man Who Tried His Luck By Buying A 30 Dollars Lottery In The United States Became A Millionaire.

According to a foreign news agency, a resident of the US state of Maryland bought a scratch lottery for the first time which changed his life and he became the owner of millions of dollars.

The 28-year-old American said in an interview after winning the lottery that I bought several lotteries and won small prizes and then I thought why not buy a big lottery with all the money won.

“I bought the lotteries again with the prize money, but I didn’t try my luck at the 30 Dollars lottery,” he said. The reward for scratching came out.

The American citizen said that he thought that maybe a lottery ticket of 10,000 Dollars has been drawn but when I reached the office of the lottery company and looked at the prize money I had won again, I could not believe that my prize money was 10,000 Dollars. No, it’s a million dollars.

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