The BBC Has Apologized For Fraudulently Interviewing Lady Diana

London: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Has Apologized To Prince Harry And William For Being Accused Of Cheating And Deception To Interview Princess Diana.

The British Broadcasting Corporation has apologized for accusing its journalist Bashir Martin of persuading Lady Diana for a key interview in 1995 by deceiving her with a fake document. This interview was also known as the Panorama Interview.

In this interview, Lady Diana spoke openly about the deteriorating relations with the royal family, which gave the broadcaster “breaking news”. Bashir Martin’s popularity skyrocketed after this interview and he even had the opportunity to interview Michael Jackson.

Lady Diana’s brother had accused Pakistani-born journalist Bashir Martin of showing documents produced by a graphic designer of British secret bank accounts and claiming that two of the most important members of the royal family had been killed by Lady Diana. They were paying for personal information.

Prince Harry and William have also blamed the interview for the separation between their parents and their mother’s death. The BBC also apologized in 1996 for cheating in this interview.

Last year, Lady Diana’s brother once again raised the issue, which the BBC announced was being investigated by a former chief justice who presented his report on May 20, blaming journalist Bashir Martin. went.

The BBC has apologized in writing to the royal family, particularly Prince William and Prince Harry, following a report by a former chief justice of the High Court. In addition, Bashir Martin also apologized unconditionally to the two brothers when they left the job before the report came out.

The interview is also known as the Panorama Interview, in which Lady Diana spoke openly with Prince Charles about the difficulties of her life in the royal family, including her divorce. The interview was viewed more than 20 million times and two years later Lady Diana was killed in a car accident.

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