The Bodies Of 3 Palestinian Youths Were Found In A Tunnel On The Egyptian Border

Cairo: The Bodies Of 3 Palestinian Youths Have Been Found In A Tunnel On The Egyptian Border, Who Were Allegedly Killed By The Border Force After Filling The Tunnel With Poison Gas.

According to the international news agency, the bodies of 3 Palestinian youths have been recovered from a tunnel leading from Gaza to Egypt. Hamas has blamed Egypt for the killings.

A Hamas spokesman said Egyptian border forces fired poison gas into an underground tunnel, killing three young men inside. Resistance groups other than Hamas have called for an investigation.

Egypt has not yet issued a statement on the deaths of Palestinian youths in the tunnel.

It should be noted that such tunnels have been used in the Gaza Strip since 2007 to smuggle arms and other goods from Egypt, and for the past two years, Egyptian forces have often destroyed such tunnels

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