The Bride Enters The Wedding Hall In A Unique Way, The Case Is Registered

New Delhi: In India, The Bride Reached The Wedding Hall Sitting In The Bonnet Of The Car.

According to Indian media, different methods are used to commemorate weddings in India. A similar style was adopted by the bride in Pune.

The bride sat on the bonnet of the car and reached the wedding hall. Everyone was surprised to see the explosive entry of the bride.

In Pune, a video of the bride sitting on the bonnet of her car and walking towards the wedding hall went viral on social media. Interesting comments are being made by people on this.

In the video, the bride can be seen sitting on the bonnet of a car decorated with flowers.

The bride’s wedding was memorable, but the Indian police also took action. Indian police have registered a case against the bride and her relatives under the Motor Vehicle Act, which also includes provisions for violating the Karuna precautionary measures.

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