The Child Playing The Game Forced The Father To Sell The Car

London: A 7-year-old Boy Playing Online Games In The UK Has Forced His Father To Sell A Car.

According to a foreign news agency, Dr. Muhammad Murtaza, who lives in the North Wales area of ​​the United Kingdom, got into trouble when his seven-year-old son made an online game and made a purchase of Rs.

The 7-year-old also made purchases while playing the online dragon game on his mobile phone, and when the child’s father received 29 shopping emails containing online shopping slips, he got into trouble and asked them to pay him. The car had to be sold.

The boy’s father said he had no idea he would be in so much trouble in just one hour that he would have to sell his car.

Dr Muhammad Murtaza, 41, lives in the UK with his wife Fatima, 37, and three children.

Dr. Murtaza advised parents to keep an eye on their children when they give them mobile phones to play online games, otherwise they can do the same with you.

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