The Driest Area In The World, With No Rainfall Recorded To Date

The Atacama Desert Is Located In Northern Chile And Is The Driest Region In The World. The Region Consists Of Several Areas Where No Rainfall Has Ever Been Recorded In History.

Similarly, the city of Erica, adjacent to Itacama, received 0.03 inches of rain in 59 years, and no rain for 14 years thereafter. Villagers in Itacama use water nets that capture water vapor in fog.

It is followed by the second driest and warmest region in the world, the Death Valley in the United States.

According to the official instructions, it is forbidden to go here after 10 am because the heat is so intense that the servant may die and there is no population miles away who can reach for help immediately. Only 1.96 inches of rain has been recorded here in a year.

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