The European Town Where A House Costs Only 25 Rupees

Croatia Is A Beautiful Country In Europe And It Takes Millions Of Dollars To Buy A House There.

But in a small town in northern Croatia, houses are being sold for just one kvina (Croatian currency about 25 rupees) to supplement the declining population.

The town of Lagarde is home to more than 2,200 people, and most have moved to other areas over the past century.

The town’s mayor, Ivan Sabolk, said selling homes at such a low price was aimed at getting the town back on the map.

“We have become a border town with less facilities than other places because of the gradual decline in population,” he said.

So far, 17 houses have been sold, while the management has promised to provide 25,000 kwanas (over Rs. 623,000) for the renovation of the houses.

Under the scheme, only one house and one building plot are left for sale.

The mayor said the newcomers would also be able to find jobs in the food production and material processing industries.

But with the offer of such affordable housing, there are certain conditions.

Proposed buyers must be under 40 years of age, financially independent and must have committed to live for at least 15 years.

Similarly, one of the couples living in these homes must have completed high school education and 3 years of work experience will be considered additional features.

“On paper we have to live here for at least 15 years, but that’s not a problem. The house is built and we don’t intend to sell it or move,” said Daniel Harmanser, who bought the house.

The mayor said that although residents of countries outside Europe have also shown great interest in the scheme, the house is not currently being sold to residents outside Europe due to immigration complications.

Among these complications are Code 19 restrictions and vaccination difficulties.

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