The Largest 3D Map Of The Universe Was Presented To The Public

Geneva: Scientists In Switzerland Have Unveiled The World’s Largest 3D Map Of The Universe To The Public, Allowing You To Travel From Home To The International Space Station, The Moon And The Planets Of The Solar System To Distant Galaxies Such As You Are There Yourself.

The Virtual Reality Universe Project (VIRUP) is an open source software that combines countless observations and data from large ground and space telescopes into 3D. Shapes the scene.

The scene can also be easily viewed on a virtual reality headset, panoramic cinema with 3D glasses, a domed plantary screen or a spot computer screen.
This software has been developed by the experts of EPFL, a well-known research institute in Lausanne, Switzerland, which is free as well as open source.

This means that if you are a programmer, you can download the source code of this software for free and change it to suit your needs.

It should be noted that this software is not only for the public but also scientists and astronomers will be able to benefit from it without any compensation and will be able to get help in their research.

The software uses 8 of the world’s largest astronomical databases, including thousands of extraterrestrial planets (exoplanets), millions of galaxies and space objects, as well as more than 1.5 billion light sources in our Milky Way galaxy. Collects information related to

This software will continue to be updated in the coming years, and will include millions of meteors orbiting our solar system, as well as databases of giant nebulae and distant pulsars (neutron stars). ۔

Yesterday, a beta version of this software was released for Windows and Linux operating systems. This software for Mac operating systems will be released shortly.

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