The United States Has Warned Iran Against Pursuing A Nuclear Deal

Washington: US Secretary Of State Anthony Blinken Has Warned Iran That It Does Not Respect Its Desire To Negotiate Over Its Nuclear Program When It Knows Time Is Running Out For Tehran.

He made the remarks at a press conference after a trilateral meeting in Washington with top diplomats from US allies Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Israel and the UAE, two countries that have recently established relations with each other, have the same reservations about Tehran as the United States.

The US Secretary of State has said that Washington has other options if the democratic process of negotiating Iran’s nuclear program fails, while his Israeli counterpart Yair Lipid has threatened Iran that “we They also have the right to use force.

“We hope that negotiations with Iran will work, but the time for Tehran to negotiate is getting shorter,” he said. We agree that we will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. On the occasion, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed said that the region no longer needs Hezbollah in Yemen, which is threatening it on the borders of Saudi Arabia, and Don’t want to repeat.

It should be noted that the Biden administration had offered Tehran to renew the nuclear deal reached in 2015, which was suspended by former President Donald Trump, after which Iran eased sanctions. Had resumed nuclear activities when its promises were not fulfilled.

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