The US Military Has Also Developed The Corona Vaccine

Virginia: Scientists At The Walter Reed Institute Of Research (WRAIR) Have Developed A New Vaccine That They Claim Is Effective Against A Variety Of Corona Viruses. They Also Include All Variants Of The Corona Virus Responsible For The Recent Epidemic Of Covid 19.

The vaccine contains “spike ferritin nanoparticles” (SpFN) which has been successfully tested on mice, hamsters and monkeys.

Details of these experiments have been published in the recent issues of the online research journals NPJ Vaccines and Science Translational Medicine, which show that the vaccine can be used against corona virus in all these animals. Strong resistance developed which protected them from the corona virus strains.

Preliminary human trials (Phase 1 clinical trials) of the corona vaccine have begun in April this year, and results are expected soon, according to the US military’s website Army.mill.

Unlike other Covid 19 vaccines, the US military-developed vaccine is effective against a variety of corona viruses, including the Covid 19 virus, as well as the corona virus that caused epidemics such as SARS in 2000 and MERS in 2003. Are

The website also claims that the SpFN vaccine is effective against all variants of the Covid 19 / SARS CoV2 virus, including Omecron.

If the vaccine is equally successful in human experiments, it is hoped that more vaccines against other viruses will be developed using the same method.

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