The Wave Of Omicron Will End Soon, Experts Hope

New York – A New Epidemic Caused By An Omecron Variant Of The Corona Virus Is Expected To End Soon, US Experts Say.

He said this based on data from South Africa and the United Kingdom, where the number of people infected with omecron had risen sharply, but in recent days there has been a significant decrease in the number of people affected by this variant. Is.

Dr. Robert C. Bollinger, professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Massachusetts, Maryland, has predicted in the light of these data that the corona epidemic in the northern states of the United States over the next four weeks will be caused by the Omicron variant. The wave will reach its peak but will also end very quickly.

Although the report, published in recent days on the medical website “Healthline”, is from the United States, the global trends in the Cove 19 epidemic are almost identical throughout the world.

Therefore, it is to be hoped that other countries will see a rapid spread of the corona epidemic, which will subside in just a few weeks.

It should be noted that the Omekron variant spreads many times faster than the Delta, but the intensity of its effects is much less.

That is why the rate of hospital admissions and deaths due to the Omicron variant has been very low so far.

Another advantage of the Omicron variant is that if a person succeeds in defeating it, he is also naturally protected from the Delta variant.

However, this information does not mean that precautionary measures should be abandoned and that one should not allow oneself to be affected by the Omicron variant. Because the more people infected with the virus, the more likely it is that they will be replaced by new variants, which can be more dangerous and deadly than the current variants.

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