These Headphones Can Be Controlled Only By Your Thinking

Las Vegas: American Startup Company Wisear Has Invented Tiny Headphones (Airbuds) That Just Think Is Enough To Control Them Because They Read The Brain Waves And Obey Orders.

With these headphones, you can convert songs into connected digital audio player and increase or decrease the volume of songs with the power of your thinking.

To enable them to read and think, they are equipped with special biosensors that note signals of activity in the facial muscles and brain, and, using artificial intelligence, transmit these signals as instructional messages. Control instructions).

The audio player attached to the headphones increases or decreases the sound by following these control instructions and also changes the audio track according to the desire of the listener.

Weiser has been working on the technology for the past seven years, which was presented for the first time this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022), the largest global exhibition of cutting-edge technology in the world that is held annually in the United States. The city is held in Las Vegas.

According to Weizier, the technology is now so mature that it could be integrated into virtual reality helmets, or VR headsets.

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