This Person Gets Paid For ‘doing Nothing’!

Tokyo: There Is A Person In Japan Who Is Regularly Paid For ‘doing Nothing’ And This Is Also His Source Of Income.

According to reports, 38-year-old Shoji Marimoto, who lives in Tokyo, has been a workaholic since his childhood, which is why he is known among his acquaintances as “do-nothing”.

Because of this habit, they are often unemployed. In 2018, Shoji decided to make a living from his long unemployment and helplessness and started promoting his services on Japanese social media under the headline “A man who does nothing is available for hire”.

Surprisingly, dozens of people approached him for his ‘services’ and offered him reasonable compensation for ‘doing nothing’.

Today the situation is that they are very busy in their futility while a large number of their regular clients continue to use their services for some purpose.

For example, a musician needs a person to sit in a corner of the studio and listen to these melodies in order to play his melodies, so he calls Marimoto.

One of their regular customers is a woman who invites them to a nice restaurant where they both quietly drink tea or coffee.

“This is how I started this service, but I realized that some people are so lonely in their lives that they are willing to pay for a while to relieve their loneliness,” said Shoji, a local. Told the media representative.

“Most of my regular customers call me somewhere and I sit next to them in silence. I don’t have to do anything, I just have to sit next to them and sometimes I have to listen to their heart. I do not reveal the identity of any of my clients and I do not share his views with anyone unless he gives permission, “said Shoji, describing the nature and details of his work.

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