Thousands Of American Soldiers Are Raped In One Year

A Recent Survey By The US Armed Forces Found That Nearly 20,000 Us Troops Had Been Sexually Assaulted By Fellow-Soldiers In The Past Year.

The 20,000 American soldiers who have been sexually assaulted include both men and women.

In a recent press briefing at the Pentagon, US Army Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Mellie revealed that this is about one percent of the total number of US troops.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was also present at the press briefing. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the US military has been facing this problem for many years and many steps have been taken in this regard but they have not been effective.

“Twenty thousand is a big number and we can’t stand it,” said Mark Mellie. These are attacks. These are ‘Blue on Blue’ attacks on those in blue uniforms. It can’t work, it has to be resolved. ”

He said that a commission was working on the issue and was considering it from various angles. Mark Milli said the commission’s recommendations have the most important accountability.

He said the defense minister wanted all senior defense officials and officials, the secretary of the armed forces, and the service chief to consider the recommendations and discuss them with them.

To prevent such incidents, it has been suggested that cases of soldiers who commit sexual assaults be heard outside the ranks of other officers or “chains of command” instead of their senior officers.

Mark Milli said he personally had no objection to the suggestion that such matters be dealt with outside the “chain of command”.

He said he would not comment on the matter until the review commission’s report came out. Mark Millie said the Department of Defense and Services has done a lot, but the situation is not improving. Regarding the commission’s modus operandi, he said it was now making final recommendations based on the evidence, which would change the situation.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff also said the survey revealed another disappointing fact, and that the military was losing confidence in its superiors.

“In the chain of command, we generals, colonels, and captains and those below have lost the trust and confidence of their subordinates that we can deal with incidents of sexual assault,” he said.

“This situation needs to change and we will wait for the final recommendations of the Independent Review Commission to consider what this change will be,” he added. From other high officials.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the recommendations would not be the last resort. He said that the officials of the Ministry of Defense would ensure the implementation of whatever was decided. “After that, we will keep a close eye on the fact that everything is going well and the environment is improving and we are taking care of our military men and women and we are doing the right thing.”

(Source: BBC Urdu)

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