Train Crushes Plane Crash On Track, Pilot Rescue Video Goes Viral

Los Angeles: A Small Plane With An Engine Crashed On The Tracks In The US State Of California, Which Was Trampled By A High Speed Train, But A Few Moments Ago, The Rescue Team Rescued The Pilot.

According to the international news agency, a small passenger plane with an engine crashed on the tracks in Los Angeles in which the pilot was seriously injured.

Suddenly, a speeding train approached the plane, and rescue crews quickly pulled the trapped pilot out of the plane just moments before it collided.

The video of the pilot being rescued in this dramatic manner went viral on social media, with users praising the rescue team members for their courage, ability and timely action, calling them heroes.

The pilot suffered serious injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital. Doctors say the pilot’s condition is out of danger. An Inquiry Committee has been formed to investigate the plane crash.

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