TV Anchor Demands Pay In Live Broadcasts

The TV Anchor Complained About Not Getting Paid In Live Broadcasts And Demanded Payment.

According to a foreign news agency, a TV anchor in the African city of Zambia suddenly complained about the non-payment of his and his colleagues’ salaries during the newsletter. Which caused a stir in the institution.

The TV anchor started the newsletter as usual and in the meanwhile suddenly mentioned the non-payment of salary. He said he and his colleagues were working without pay and had not been paid and insisted on paying their salaries.

“We are human beings too and we want to get paid,” he said. Unfortunately, my colleagues and I are not being paid.

Immediately after the anchor’s complaint, the newsletter was cut off and the producer aired the trailer on TV.

The TV channel said that the anchor was intoxicated and an investigation is underway into how the anchor was allowed to read the news while intoxicated.

On the other hand, the anchor said that he was not in a state of intoxication, he had been reading the news before and he complained of non-receipt of salary due to non-payment of salaries by the company.

He shared his video on Facebook and wrote, “Yes, I did it live on TV, while journalists are nervous when talking about their organization, but that doesn’t mean journalists can’t speak.”

“I am amazed that the video of a drunken anchor is going viral on social media while our company has a better way to lodge a complaint,” said the TV channel’s chief executive.

He said that investigations were underway to put the anchor in front of the screen in a state of intoxication and disciplinary action would be taken against anyone involved in the whole affair.

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