Uganda Corona Epidemic Ends World’s Longest Educational Lockdown

Kampala: The Longest School Closure In The World Has Been Lifted During The Corona Epidemic In Uganda.

According to the International News Agency, schools in the East African country of Uganda have been closed for 20 months under Corona sanctions and have now reopened. This is the longest period of school closures in the world.

Schools were closed in March 2020 after the first case of Corona was reported in Uganda. A year later, the schools reopened in January, but soon closed, much to the chagrin of parents.

Uganda, one of the poorest countries in the world, lacks facilities in schools and students were unable to continue their education online due to the closure of schools.

Sanctions are being tightened around the world due to the rapid spread of Corona’s new form Omekron, but surprisingly Uganda has decided to reopen the school. will have.

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