United States: Massive Raid Of Robbers, Looting Of Super Store, New History Has Become Money

California: A Whole Bunch Of Armed Robbers In The United States Have Not Only Made History By Robbing A Supermarket, But Have Also Taken Ordinary Citizens, Including The Police, By Surprise. According To Sociologists, There Is Hardly Any Record Of Such A Large Number Of Robbers Attacking A Store Before.

The Washington Post and Fox News reported that about 80 armed robbers stormed a supermarket and looted and fled.

According to news agencies, eyewitnesses testified that the number of armed robbers who looted consisted of dozens of people. According to eyewitnesses, what they saw was a movie scene and it was hard to believe that everything was really happening.

Before the incident, armed robbers tortured store employees and sprayed crushed peppers on one employee’s eyes.

According to news agencies, the looters filled their bags with goods and cash and then fled. The robbers’ vehicles were already at the scene to escape.

According to the American Broadcasting Corporation, the robbers covered their faces with masks, but three people were immediately arrested from the scene.

The detainees are currently under investigation, but no details have been released yet. However, the police are not getting much help from the CCTV cameras as they are wearing masks.

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