US-Afghan War Scrutiny Bill Removes Clause On Pakistan

Washington: The US Senate Has Approved A Bill To Set Up An Independent Commission To Fully Investigate The Afghan War, While Removing A Provision In The Old Version Of The Bill To Investigate Pakistan’s Role.

According to the international news agency, a defense bill has been passed in the US Senate. The bill calls for the establishment of an independent commission to investigate steps taken to combat terrorism in the region, including the Afghan war and Pakistan.

The salient feature of the bill is that, unlike the old version, the bill removes a clause in the bill that seeks to investigate Pakistan’s role in the Afghan war. Can examine their role in a peaceful solution.

The war commission will consist of 16 members, elected equally by Republicans and Democrats, and will submit its report within three years.

The commission will not include current and former members of Congress since 2001, as well as senior defense officials at the cabinet level and planning US policy on Afghanistan.

The bill’s summary states that the bilateral panel will also scrutinize the 20-year war and hold accountable the military equipment left in Afghanistan after the withdrawal, as well as plan to evacuate American citizens and Afghan allies in Afghanistan.

The bill also states that the commission will review the use and countermeasures of counter-terrorism capabilities of other countries in the region, including Pakistan.

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