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United States: Small Plane Crashes Near High School Campus

California: A Small Plane Crashed Near The High School Campus In San Diego. Two people were killed and two others were injured in the plane crash. Two houses were completely destroyed and one house was partially damaged. Rescue officials say the plane caught fire, setting several vehicles on fire. No details were released on how […]

Camera Or Bomb? Emergency Landing Of An Aircraft

The Plane Had To Make An Emergency Landing In The United States When A Female Passenger Made A Noise By Thinking The Rare Camera Was A Bomb. According to the report, the American airline was going from Indianapolis to New York City when this incident took place. During the flight, the female passenger considered the […]

In The United States, A Schoolteacher Forcibly Removed The Veil Of A Muslim Student

New Jersey: A Racist School Teacher In The US State Of New Jersey Took Off The Mask Of A Muslim Student, Which Frightened The Girl. According to the international news agency, 7-year-old Samia went to school in the US state of New Jersey wearing a niqab as usual. Samia’s mother told the media that my […]

The Police Officer Rescued His Partner From A Major Accident

In The United States, A Police Officer Rescued His Colleague From A Major Accident. A video released by a foreign news agency in the US state of Virginia shows how a police officer saved an officer from an accident. The video shows a police officer standing on the side of the road talking to a […]

Firing On A Train In The US State Of Arizona

A Police Agent Was Shot Dead And Two Officers Were Injured In A Train Crash In Tucson, Arizona. According to the New York Times, the shooting took place in a passenger train in Tucson, Arizona, while Tucson police were conducting a routine check on the train. Tucson police were examining passengers on the train for […]

Thousands Rally For Abortion In US

Washington, DC: Thousands Of Women In The United States Have Taken To The Streets In Support Of Abortion And Called On The Government To Withdraw The Ban. According to the International News Agency, thousands of women protested in front of the Supreme Court in Washington DC against the abortion law, while demonstrations were also held […]

Helicopters And Small Planes Collided In The United States

Arizona: A Small Plane With An Engine And A Helicopter Collided In The Air In The United States, Killing Two People And Injuring Two. According to the international news agency, a small passenger plane with an engine crashed into a helicopter during a flight in the US state of Arizona. Two people were killed on […]

Ecuador Declares Emergency After More Than 100 Prisoners Die

Kyoto: Emergency Has Been Declared In Jails Across The Country After Dozens Of Prisoners Were Killed In The South American Country Of Ecuador. According to Al Jazeera, at least 116 inmates have been killed and 80 injured so far in the deadly blast at Gaia Coel’s Lutheral Prison. Ecuador President Gere Malaso has declared a […]

A Painful Story Of A Million Rupees Reward

A Citizen Who Won The 10 Million Lottery In The United States Drowned Before Receiving The Prize Money. According to the report, 57-year-old Gregory Jarvis of Michigan, USA, won the 45,000 Dollars winning lottery during a game at the Blue Water Inn Club in Case Valley. Which amounts to more than 7.7 Millions in Pakistani […]

5 Times Faster Than Sound, US Hypersonic Missile Test

The United States Has Successfully Tested A Missile Five Times Faster Than The Speed Of Sound. According To The Pentagon, This Is The First Test Of Such A Weapon Since 2013. The missile was tested last week, according to a statement from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The United States is working on […]