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Successful Baby’s Heart Surgery In The Mother’s Womb

A Tumor In A Mother’s Womb Has Been Successfully Removed In A Complex Surgery In The United States. A team of doctors at a medical center in the US state of Ohio performed successful surgery on the baby in the mother’s womb. According to the baby’s mother, she was 25 weeks pregnant when doctors told […]

United States; Father And 2 Sons Killed In Christmas Tree Fire

Pennsylvania: A Father And Two Sons Were Killed In A Fire Caused By A Short Circuit In A Christmas Tree Decorated With Electric Lamps In The Us State Of Pennsylvania. At least three people have been killed in a house fire in the US state of Pennsylvania, according to the International News Agency. The dead […]

A 14-year-old Girl Was Shot Dead By Police In The United States

Los Angeles: A 14-year-old Girl Was Shot Dead At A Police Clothing Store In The United States In Pursuit Of A Suspect. According to the American Broadcasting Corporation, Los Angeles police received a report that a gunman was present in the market with the intention of terrorism. Following the chase, the accused entered the clothing […]

Two US Lawmakers Support Pro-police Budget Cuts

Washington: Members Of Congress In The United States Have Been Slammed For Cutting Police Budgets. According to US media, two members of Congress belonging to the Democratic Party and supporters of police reform were killed. In Philadelphia, 62-year-old Mary Gay, a member of the US Congress, was robbed in a local park. According to police, […]

Historic Decline In The Average Age Of The American Population

In 2020, The Average Age In The United States Fell By A Historic 1.8 Years, The Largest Decline In 75 Years. According to official figures, last year the average age of the total population of the United States was 77 years, while in 2019 the average age of Americans was recorded as 78.8 years. The […]

The First Death Record From Omi Kroon In The United States

A New Type Of Coronavirus From South Africa, Omi Cron, Has Recorded Its First Death From The United States. According to US media, a patient of Omi Kroon, who was undergoing treatment in the state of Texas, died. The report said that the citizen who died was 50 years old and had not been vaccinated. […]

In The United States, Thieves Flew A 58-foot-long Bridge

Ohio: We Heard About The Theft Of Valuables, Jewelry, Cars And Trucks, And Now The Strange News Is That In The US State Of Ohio, Thieves Have Stolen A Long Pedestrian Bridge Which Is 58 Feet Long. The bridge was across a river, the Koya Hoga, which is part of the Middle Berry Run Park. […]

Tik Tok Threat Of Terrorist Attack, Schools Closed In Several Us States

An Immediate Investigation Has Been Launched Into Bombings In US Schools. School closures and security have been beefed up in various states of the United States. The tik tok video says that those who love their lives should not go to school on Friday. Schools in California, Minnesota, Texas and Missouri will remain closed today, […]

Why Corona Didn’t Get Vaccinated, 27 US Air Force Personnel Fired

Washington: The U.S. Air Force Fired 27 Officers For Refusing To Administer The Corona Vaccine. According to US media, the US Air Force fired 27 personnel for refusing to administer the corona vaccine. This is the first case of dismissal of service personnel for refusing to be vaccinated. The Pentagon announced in August that all […]

CNN Producer Arrested For Sexually Abusing Girls

Georgia: John Griffin, A Senior Producer At CNN, Has Been Arrested On Charges Of Sexually Abusing Underage Girls. According to the US Department of Justice, John Griffin sexually assaulted some of the girls, including his mother, at his home. John Griffin, who has been bragging about his work on LinkedIn with former CNN anchor Chris […]