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United States: Hurricane Katrina, More Than 100 Killed, Many Areas In Ruins

Kentucky: Hurricanes In The United States Have Wreaked Havoc. According To The Latest Figures, More Than 100 People Have Been Killed Since Last Night, But The Exact Number Of Missing Is Still Unknown. More than 30 tornadoes in six U.S. states wiped out anything that came up over 200 miles away. Hum News reports quoting […]

The Deadliest Hurricane In US History, 84 Killed

Washington: The Worst Hurricane In US History Has Wreaked Havoc, Killing 84 People. According to the foreign news agency, the worst hurricane in the history of the United States caused havoc in 6 states and 84 people were killed in various accidents. The tornado destroyed several homes and areas. According to reports, the tornadoes were […]

US: Inflation Breaks 40-year Record

Inflation Breaks 40-year Record In US Wall Street Says Inflation Has Risen To 6.8 Percent From A Year Earlier, With The Biden Administration Also Expressing Concern Over The November Price Index. Statistics Show That 2021 Is The Most Expensive Year Since 1982. The United States, the world’s most powerful country, has been weakened by inflation, […]

Hurricanes Wreak Havoc In US, Killing At Least 50

Washington: High-velocity Tornadoes In Various US States Have Destroyed Everything In Their Path, With More Than 50 People Feared Dead. According to the World News Agency, hurricane-force tornadoes wreaked havoc in the US states of Kentucky, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee. Many buildings, factories, warehouses were destroyed, the traffic system was suspended and the electricity […]

The First Edition Of Harry Potter Sold For A Record 471,000 Dollars In The United States

Washington: The First Edition Of Harry Potter Sold For A Record 471,000 Dollars In The United States. According to a foreign news agency, the first edition of Harry Potter, published in the United Kingdom in 1997, was put up for sale at a local auction house in the United States. The first edition of Harry […]

For The First Time, A Muslim Woman Has Become The Mayor Of The United States

Maine, USA: For The First Time, A Muslim Woman Has Been Elected Mayor Of The United States. Not Only That, But He Is The First Muslim, Black And Somali Mayor In Maine History. According to the Middle East Monitor, Dhalak emigrated from Somalia to the United States. She has also been nominated as the first […]

USA: Parents Of Accused Involved In Firing Also Charged

The Parents Of A Student Accused Of Killing Four Fellow Students In A School Shooting Two Days Ago In The US State Of Michigan Have Been Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter. According to US media, the prosecution said that the parents of the accused gave their son access to a gun and did not intervene in […]

4 Killed In US Plane Crash

California: Four People Were Killed When A Passenger Plane Crashed In The US State Of California. According to the International News Agency, a small passenger plane with an engine crashed near the runway in the US state of California. All four people on board were killed in the crash. The plane caught fire after it […]

CNN Fires Anchor For Helping His Governor Brother

Washington – A Former New York Governor Accused Of Sexually Abusing His Brother Has Been Fired By The US News Channel CNN For Advising Him To Deal With The Allegations. According to the British news agency Reuters, CNN fired its news anchor Chris Como for giving fraternal advice to his brother Andrew Como to avoid […]

The Young Americans Took The Body Of The Slain Friend Around

Ecuador: In South America, Friends Picked Up The Body Of Their Slain Friend And Went For A Ride On A Motorcycle. According to the foreign news agency, 21-year-old Eric Sedino was shot dead by two suspects while going to a funeral in Manabi province of Ecuador. As Eric Sedino’s last rites began to be performed, […]