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In New York, 5 Cases Of Omi Crown Came To Light

In New York, 5 Cases Of Omi Cron Have Come To Light, In The United States, The Number Of Omi Cron Cases Has Increased To 8. The first case in the United States was reported in California. A 67-year-old woman who traveled to South Africa in New York has also received a new type of […]

Corona: A New Type Of Omi Crown Has Arrived In The United States, The First Case Has Come To Light

Washington: A New Strain Of The Global Epidemic Corona Has Arrived In The United States. The First Person To Be Infected With Omi Crown Has Been Identified In California. This Has Been Acknowledged By The White House. According to the International News Agency, the person infected with Omi Crown in the United States had traveled […]

3 Students Killed In US School Shooting

Three students were killed and eight others, including six students, were injured when a student opened fire at a school in the US state of Michigan. According to foreign media, a 15-year-old student in a school in the US state of Michigan opened fire on his fellow students, as a result of which 3 students […]

Lamborghini Enjoys Corona Relief Fund, Citizen Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison

In The United States, Special Funds Were Announced For People Affected By Corona, But Some People Openly Resorted To Fraud. In Houston, a citizen committed fraud of 1.6 million Dollars in Corona funds for which he was sentenced to 9 years in prison. Blown away in buying things. The citizen used this money to buy […]

United States: Massive Raid Of Robbers, Looting Of Super Store, New History Has Become Money

California: A Whole Bunch Of Armed Robbers In The United States Have Not Only Made History By Robbing A Supermarket, But Have Also Taken Ordinary Citizens, Including The Police, By Surprise. According To Sociologists, There Is Hardly Any Record Of Such A Large Number Of Robbers Attacking A Store Before. The Washington Post and Fox […]

Christmas Parade: Who Is The Attacker Who Crushed The People With The Car

The Identity Of The Assailant Who Crushed Participants With A Speeding Vehicle During The Christmas Parade On Sunday, November 21 In Wakisha Area Of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Has Been Revealed. The Attack Killed Five People, Including Four Women, And Injured 48 Others. According to AFP, Wakisha Police Chief Dan Thompson said the attacker’s driver, identified as […]

The 30 Dollars Lottery Turned Into A Millionaire

Washington: A Man Who Tried His Luck By Buying A 30 Dollars Lottery In The United States Became A Millionaire. According to a foreign news agency, a resident of the US state of Maryland bought a scratch lottery for the first time which changed his life and he became the owner of millions of dollars. […]

USA: At Christmas Parade, The Driver Of The Car Hit The Citizens

At A Christmas Parade In The US State Of Wisconsin, A Driver Rammed A Car Into A Crowd, Injuring More Than 20 People. Including Children. Fire Chief Steven Howard told reporters that 12 children were among those taken to the hospital. Security officials have also expressed fears of casualties in the crash. However, he said […]

Rain Of Dollars In America

Washington: Dollar Rain Fell As A Truck Door Opened On A Highway In California, USA. According to the foreign news agency, thousands of dollars were scattered on the famous American highway as if it had just rained dollars, but this was not the case because of an armored truck carrying currency from the bank on […]

Trump Supporter Involved In Attack On US Congress Sentenced To More Than 3 Years In Prison

Washington: A Man Involved In The Attack On The US Congress Has Been Sentenced To Three And A Half Years In Prison. According to US media, a US federal judge has sentenced Jacob Chancely to three-and-a-half years in prison for assaulting and vandalizing Congress. Following the defeat of former US President Donald Trump in the […]