Washington: Beijing Seeks To Quell Anger: White House Statement

Washington: A White House Spokesman Says There Has Been No Change In US Policy Toward Taiwan. The White House Said In A Statement.

The White House spokesman’s statement came shortly after US President Joe Biden said the United States would defend Taiwan.

A White House spokesman said in a statement that the president had not announced any changes to his policy and that there had been no change.

According to the news agency, after the statement of the US President in defense of Taiwan, Washington is trying to reduce the anger of Beijing.

It should be noted that US President Joe Biden had said in response to a question at an event organized by the prestigious US broadcaster CNN that the United States would defend Taiwan.

After President Biden’s statement, China warned that the United States should be careful about Taiwan.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman also said that China does not have the capacity to compromise on fundamental interests.

It should be noted that military tensions between Taiwan and China are currently at their worst level in 40 years.

Taiwan’s defense minister said this month that China has the capability to launch a full-scale attack on Taiwan by 2025.

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