Whatsapp Closed, Twitter Happy, Millions Of Nuggets Ordered From McDonald’s

WhatsApp Closed, Facebook Closed, Everyone Made Twitter Their Friend, Twitter Also Welcomed All Its Users Happily And Also Tweeted Hello.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram reported the downing of their services via Twitter and apologized to users.

The most interesting reaction was given by Twitter, tweeted from the Twitter handle “Hello Every One”

This tweet was retweeted millions of times and not only ordinary users, but also Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and others responded.

Instagram responded with “Hi and Happy Monday” and WhatsApp just said “hello”.

In response to WhatsApp, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey tweeted that the message should have been as confidential as WhatsApp messages.

When KFC responded to Twitter, Burger King asked Instagram, “Are you okay?”

McDonald first asked Twitter how he was handling the reputation, again asking what he could do for Twitter. On which Twitter asked to bring nuggets for its 59.6 million friends.

Reddit said hi to Twitter and also satirized Instagram. Microsoft also took part in the tweet contest by saying “Hi Every One” and Alexa also seized the opportunity.

One user shared an interesting reaction by linking a clip of Mr. Bean to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter.

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