When A Drone Saved The Life Of A Heart Attack Victim

A Man Who Suffered A Heart Attack In Sweden Has Survived A Drone Strike.

A 71-year-old man suffered a heart attack while clearing snow in December and was sent a de-fibrillator by drone to help him.

It is a device that gives a very strong electric shock to the heart so that it becomes active again.

Heart attack patients need help to survive within 10 minutes and the Ever Drone Emergency Medical Aerial Delivery (EMADE) service is designed to provide first aid as soon as possible.

The service delivers emergency aid to contact people via drones, and the device is delivered to a heart attack patient within 3 minutes.

A passerby doctor was on his way to work when he used the device after first aid.

The drone was developed by the Karolinska Institutet, SOS Alarm and Region Vastra Gotland.

This is a great example of how real-world drone technology can be equipped to send emergency aid and reduce the time it takes to deliver life-saving equipment, according to a statement from Everdron.

In a study conducted on the program, the service received 14 heart attack alerts, used drones in 12 cases and delivered devices 11 times.

In fact, in 7 cases, the defibrillator was delivered to the patient before the ambulance arrived.

The service is currently available to 200,000 people in Sweden, but the company plans to expand it to various parts of Europe in 2022.

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