Which Aircraft Seat Will Be The Best In Corona Epidemic?

Illinois: An Interesting But Useful Study In The United States Has Found That Choosing The Right Seat For Yourself While Traveling By Ship In The Global Epidemic Of Covid-19 Can Greatly Prevent This Disease.

Dr. Sheldon Jacob, a professor of engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana Champagne, and his students observed the process of spreading small drops of liquid (aerosols) with air in passenger Boeing planes.

They wanted to know which parts of the passenger plane (with air) were most likely to be infected with the corona virus. From the analysis, they found that the air circulating in passenger planes has a higher density near the middle seats.

That is, if a Corona patient is on the plane, the viruses that come out of his mouth and nose will accumulate more in the middle of the air than in other parts of the plane; Which can also affect the passengers sitting there.

“I suggest sitting a little ahead or a little behind the seats in the middle of the plane,” Dr. Jacob explained. However, they say that if the rear seats are found in the aircraft, it is best because the inner air of the aircraft reaches the lowest in this part.

Dr Jacob added that if a family member was placed close together in the passenger plane, it would also help prevent the spread of Corona because they would be busy with each other instead of running away.

“But I am not saying that other precautions should not be taken. I mean, with all the precautions, even if the right seat is chosen, the risk of getting infected with Covid 19 can be minimized, “said Dr. Jacob.

Note: This research is published online in the latest issue of the “Journal of Air Transport Management”.

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