Wounded Selfie Warning Of Infection After Surgery

Edinburgh: A Survey By Surgeons Found That Patients Undergoing Surgery Could Be More Accurately Predicting Whether A Wound Would Heal Or Worsen If They Kept Sending Pictures Of Their Wounds. It’s Simply Called A ‘surgery Selfie’.

The doctors further said that in this way the patients will avoid going to the doctor again and again and also the pressure of the patients on the medical staff will be reduced. But most of all, it can play a significant role in saving lives.

We know that deaths within a month of surgery are the third leading cause of death from surgery. What happens is that after deep surgery, the wound worsens and the patient dies from the infection. On the other hand, longer hospital stays increase the burden on doctors ‘profession and patients’ pockets.

In this regard, the University of Edinburgh conducted a survey of 492 patients who were brought to the emergency ward for physical surgery. All of these patients were asked to take a selfie of the wound and also to answer the questions of the doctors.

All patients were contacted three days after the operation, then seven days and fifteen days later. He was asked to send a clear picture of the wound from his smartphone and also write down the answers to some questions. People were asked how is the wound? What is the problem with this and what do people feel?

Similarly, the second group of patients undergoing the operation was 269 people and they were informed 30 days later.

Scientists found no difference in the identification of the infection between the two groups within 30 days.

Although the infection in the wounds of the selfie group was four times more than in the other group, the infection was detected in them on the seventh day whereas the other group did not. In this regard, the group with smartphone selfies also reduced the number of visits to hospitals and they took better care of their wounds. In this way, better results were obtained from wound selfies.

According to doctors, the recovery period in patients is very stressful. Mobile technology can be useful in this regard. Patients and doctors themselves are not aware of every stage of the wound and therefore the infection and other complications can be detected by looking at the wound at an early stage.

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