Youtuber Earning 800 Dollars A Month In Cryptocurrencies From Tesla

California: Elon Musk’s Popular Tesla Model 3 Car Is Said To Be Fully Automated, Driverless, But An American Youtuber Has Started Making As Much As 800 Dollars A Month In Cryptocurrency From The Same Car.

Siraj Rawal is an American software engineer, data scientist and YouTuber who provides services to various organizations through his small company while providing free Artificial Intelligence education through his YouTube channel.

It should be noted that the process of making cryptocurrency is called ‘cryptocurrency mining’ or simply ‘mining’ which requires powerful microprocessors which consume a lot of electricity.

Siraj installed a free cryptocurrency mining software in his Apple Mac Mini M1 laptop and connected it to a 12 volt power supply socket in his Tesla car.

Not only that, but they also connected the extra GPU (graphical processing unit) attached to their laptop to the Tesla car’s power supply.

Whenever he drove a car, his laptop started making Ethereum cryptocurrency at the same time.

Siraj Rawal says that last year when the price of etherium was at its peak, he was making a corrupt currency worth 800 US Dollars per month.

The company warranty is revoked in case of tampering with Tesla car but Siraj says he took the risk and is now taking advantage of it.

It should be noted that he is not the first person to create cryptocurrency from Tesla car but other ‘experts’ have also been creating cryptocurrencies by taking advantage of the potential of this car.

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