Zimbabwe: Elephant Crushes Father In Front Of Son

Harare: An Elephant Crushed A Father In Front Of His Son In A Safari Park In Zimbabwe.

According to the foreign news agency, Dr. Michael Bernard Walsh, 71, a tourist from Cape Town, arrived in Zimbabwe’s Safari Park with his 41-year-old son where he was taking a morning walk.

Tourists have been coming to Zimbabwe’s safari park every year for the past 35 years.

A spokesman for the safari park said: “We are deeply saddened by the incident. This is the second such incident this week and this year more than 40 people have been killed in an elephant attack in Zimbabwe.”

It is estimated that there are currently more than 85,000 elephants in Zimbabwe, and due to the lack of water and food in the forests, they turn to the population where accidents occur.

According to two South African countries, they are worried about the growing number of ivory and are trying to control their population while they want the ivory to be sold so that their income can go to drought-affected areas. I could spend.

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